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CrossFit Coach

Nat is a highly qualified legend who also walks the talk at a National level.  Dabbles in soccer but clearly is a thrill seeking, olympic lifting, three times bodyweight all out animal, who also is a coach with a predisposition for sharing deep scientific insights and critical feedback.

Has many tertiary qualifications and leather-bound books.


CrossFit Coach

"No Rep".  If the first time you met Dwayne was in a Crossfit Open you might not have met his softer, mentoring, side.

A passionate and highly capable coach who grew through the ranks from a new Crossfitter to Coach.



CrossFit Coach

A Shepparton boy who came south for the footy, and stayed for the CrossFit.

A wonderful, generous man - indeed a font of knowledge when navigating the key issues of CrossFit such as "How do I scale a workout but still retain my reputation on the Wodify Whiteboard?"

Superb athlete who enjoys olympic snatching > 100KG's overhead.


Crossfit Coach

Gifted with natural athleticism, and a VO2 Max like an altitude trained athlete, you would assume Kaya would struggle to understand why mere athletes cannot just complete the WOD in the time allocated. 

You would be wrong.  Kaya clearly enjoys seeing people push themselves within their limits and achieve goals within the gyms 12 week training cycle.

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