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CrossFit Coach

Nat is a highly qualified legend who also walks the talk at a National level.  Dabbles in soccer but clearly is a thrill seeking, olympic lifting, three times bodyweight all out animal, who also is a coach with a predisposition for sharing deep scientific insights and critical feedback.

Has many tertiary qualifications and leather-bound books.


CrossFit Coach

"No Rep".  If the first time you met Dwayne was in a Crossfit Open you might not have met his softer, mentoring, side.

A passionate and highly capable coach who grew through the ranks from a new Crossfitter to Coach.



CrossFit Coach

A Shepparton boy who came south for the footy, and stayed for the CrossFit.

A wonderful, generous man - indeed a font of knowledge when navigating the key issues of CrossFit such as "How do I scale a workout but still retain my reputation on the Wodify Whiteboard?"

Superb athlete who enjoys olympic snatching > 100KG's overhead.


CrossFit Coach

If you ask Emma what's more important; a fast or perfectly executed workout she would probably say say both. 

She has a keen eye for detail and gladly gives assistance and advice to any level of crossfitter. 

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